The Unexpected Turn in My Journey

On April 21, 2017, my relationship with this website and my approach to cooking underwent a dramatic shift.

This site had always been a creative outlet (read the story), a place to share and explore recipes with those willing to try something new, but that day marked the beginning of a more profound change in my life—a change driven by a need for a healthier, more energized, and vibrant self.

Scott groth collage of low carb weight loss comparison pics
I needed to make a change in my life. A BIG change. For 30 years I have bordered between overweight and obese.
Scott groth low carb weight loss journey pictures
Between the second and third months, I could feel my energy changing from negative to positive. I could see massive changes to my body too.
Scott groth weight progression pictures
By Day 150, I felt unstoppable! What a massive change from the low energy, depressed, lethargic man that started this journey on Day 1.

The Downward Spiral

For three decades, I had been struggling with my weight, hovering between overweight and obesity. My journey through various diets had left me feeling defeated, with my weight and health fluctuating between not great and terrible.

But about five years ago, my situation nosedived, pushing me squarely into the obese category. I had no idea what to do. Despite my efforts, I couldn't seem to reverse the trend. High blood pressure and looming threats of diabetes and heart disease added to my concerns.

When I visited my doctor, his advice was simple: lose weight. I asked how, and he shrugged as he walked out of the room. This left me feeling confused, anxious, and scared.

Hitting Rock Bottom

Surprisingly, my lowest point wasn't marked by the doctor’s warnings but by a moment of self-realization. It was the day I couldn’t bend over to tie my shoes. That was when I decided to take control and fully immerse myself in understanding and living a low-carb, ketosis-focused diet.

The Beginning of My Low-Carb Diet Journey

Growing up with labels like "chubby," "husky," and "overweight" deeply affected my self-image. I found myself constantly battling these perceptions, trying diet after diet without lasting success.

But the real challenge was not just choosing a new diet; it was about listening to my body and responding to its needs. I spent three months trying different foods, keeping a food journal, and paying attention to my energy.

The Low-Carb Diet Chose Me

The decision to adopt a low-carb diet wasn't arbitrary. It was a response to listening to my body. Reducing carbs while increasing greens, proteins, and healthy fats led to noticeable changes.

Within months, my clothes, once skin-tight, were now baggy. This wasn't just a diet but a lifestyle change that made my body feel genuinely good.

My body just feels really good eating low-carb. Period.

low carb diet success before pictures
low carb diet success after

Living the Low-Carb Diet

In the beginning, embracing the low-carb diet every day was challenging, but the results were astounding. I paused blogging to focus on living this new lifestyle.

Within six months, I lost over 10 inches off my waistline. I was sleeping better. My outlook on life changed dramatically, allowing me to become the husband, father, and man that I always knew I could be. 

During the first year, I was creating new recipes daily for my family, documenting every lesson learned and how things were changing for me, to share with others embarking on similar paths.

Sharing my LOW-CARB Weight Loss Journey

Now, as a true believer in the low-carb lifestyle, I'm eager to share everything I've learned.

The journey to this point was necessary for me to understand and appreciate the life-changing benefits my body has experienced.

However, consulting with a physician before making any dietary changes is crucial. I'm not a medical professional, just someone eager to share a personal success story.

Gratitude and Welcome

I'm grateful and honored to have you here, whether you're just starting or are a veteran of the low-carb lifestyle. Welcome to our community (if you would like, you can join here), and thank you for connecting with me on this incredible journey of health and self-discovery.

low carb diet before pictures
low carb diet after pictures