Welcome to my collection of Spring Recipes, curated to bring fresh and vibrant flavors to your table during this delightful season. Whether you're looking for low carb options, easy preparations, or simply delicious dishes to enjoy in the springtime, you'll find a variety of recipes here to suit your taste.

Experience the light and refreshing taste of baked zucchini with parmesan cheese, Grilled Asparagus or Haricot Verts, they are all ideal for picnics or as a hearty side at any spring gathering. These recipes are designed to make the most of seasonal ingredients while offering simplicity and flavor in every bite.


Shrimp and Cauliflower Grits 🍤

Give your next meal a creative spin with my Shrimp and Cauliflower Grits! This recipe swaps traditional grits for a cauliflower base, paired beautifully with succulent shrimp. It's a simple, yet flavorful dish that's perfect for a satisfying dinner or a special weekend brunch.

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sage breakfast sausage recipe

Simple Sage Sausage Recipe

Welcome to the world of delightful, homemade Sage Sausage, a perfect addition to your low carb and keto lifestyle. This recipe brings the aromatic warmth of sage, blended harmoniously with quality ground meat, creating a sausage that's not only rich in flavor but also aligns beautifully with the low carb and keto lifestyles.

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5-Ingredient Cauliflower Puree 🥬

Elevate your side dish selection with my Cauliflower Puree recipe. This creamy puree is not only simple to make but also offers a light and healthy alternative to traditional mashed potatoes. Its subtle, nutty flavor from roasted cauliflower makes it a versatile companion to a variety of main dishes, enhancing any meal with its smooth texture.

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Crispy Oven Roasted Chicken 🍗

I’m thrilled to share my go-to recipe for oven roasted chicken. It's not just about a delicious meal; it's about creating moments that matter. This low-carb, keto-friendly recipe turns a simple meal into an occasion, with minimal fuss and maximum flavor.

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Close-up of steamed broccoli florets seasoned with pepper flakes, served alongside creamy scrambled eggs on a white plate.

Broccoli with Scrambled Eggs 🥦

Add a twist to your morning routine with my Broccoli with Scrambled Eggs. This dish combines fluffy eggs with fresh broccoli and a hint of spice, perfect for a filling breakfast or a light dinner. It's simple to prepare and packed with flavor, making it a great choice any time of day.

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Easy Sauteed Mushrooms  🍄

Jazz up your meals with my Easy Sauteed Mushrooms. This straightforward recipe brings out the rich, umami flavor of mushrooms, making it the ideal companion for steaks or as a delicious standalone side. It's quick to prepare and sure to impress.

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super delicious blt tomato bites recipe

Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes: BLT Bites Recipe 🍅

Bring a twist to classic flavors with my Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes: BLT Bites Recipe. These tiny appetizers pack the punch of a full BLT in one delicious mouthful, combining crispy bacon, fresh lettuce, and creamy mayo, all stuffed into ripe cherry tomatoes. Perfect for any occasion, from casual get-togethers to elegant parties, these BLT bites are as easy to make as they are to eat, ensuring they disappear as quickly as they are served.

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I'd Rather Be a Chef

Awesome low carb recipes that I've created on my own low carb weight loss journey. I'm a PASSIONATE BELIEVER in the low carb way of eating. I do this by sharing the recipes I've created, my journey - the highs and lows - and making it easier to get started.